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Keep Cool Pudding Hias

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Delicacy Silky Pudding

Varian Delicacy Silky Pudding Mango Baru!

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Silky Pudding Delicacy

Our Special Silky Pudding

Keep Cool Special Recipes

Easy to make desserts and beverages


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and many more !


Made with high-quality cincau leaves and seaweed-extract. 


fine sugar for baking necessities


Who doesn’t like sweets? Especially when it has many flavors and color options.

Creamy Juice

It’s a specially formulated premix used for various beverages 

Agar agar

High quality seaweed creating unique texture and best gel strenght

Refreshing Syrup

Delicious and a good-value solution for your business 

Tutorial Videos

A further in-depth explanation of Keep Cool Recipes